Pictographs by Alexandra Mas reflect her desire to represent Beauty. Esthetic beauty, of course but above all a beauty that is connected to primal forces, The artist translates the elements - earth, water, air, fire -  into substances: gold, silver, metal, powders, pigments… (products by Make Up Forever). Using a masterful colour palette, she uses make-up without affection. To express the angst of the natural world, she gives it human form: a visual metamorphosis that makes the image speak all the more clearly to us. The artist works directly on her muse, the actress Aurore Tomé, photographing her, painting her, almost sculpting her. She looks at the shot and pares it down, constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing both her model and her message. Femininity, sensoriality, and corporeality are not merely offered up for everyone to view. As if adorned with precious gems, draped with imaginary lace, surrounded by an electric solar halo or soft moonlight, the image embodies with one gesture, one glance, one movement, the message it defends and the dream it pursues. As we look at them one after another, the works of Alexandra Mas turn the spotlight on a world of beauty they urge us to preserve.

Alexandra Mas (b.1978), born in Transylvania, lives and works in Bordeaux and Paris. She began her artistic career at the age of 14, attending art school and the University of Fine Arts in Bucarest and gaining her Masters degree in design and interior design in France. She is skilled in a range of disciplines: drawing, engraving, painting, photography, etc., and likes to define herself as a "visual artist". Drawing inspiration from contemporary dance, music, fashion and classical semiology, she has created a highly eclectic body of images.