Enter into the movement and dance of painter Dov Melloul. The artist unveils the mysterious alchemy of his ballet of bodies and colors.

Dov Melloul’s paintings are born out of dance and gesture.  The dynamism of body language acts as the mechanism for linguistic expression in his paintings.  The paintbrush acts as an extension of oneself: reaching the limits of movement, the brush describes its own arabesques.  His forms draw us in through an explosion of pigments and oils that glide along the surface of the canvas.  Through poses that are rigid and relaxed, athletic and ethereal bodies combine and intertwine with one another. The paintings in large format, almost human-size, exude both enthusiasm and also tenderness, impassioned interaction, ephemeral embraces, tense and relaxed.   

The background of his compositions, always black, serves to reveal the vibrancy of his palette. Firstly primary, the colors enrich themselves through audacious variations. Brushes, caressed, applied with short and flat brushes, the layers combine until they fuse.  The light fuses under the flame of chromatic interplay; the emotional point, the interior vibrations of the paint echo.  Gesture that is ample and spontaneous, the generous expression pierces under the rainbow of astonishing color nuances.

Through looking at his pictorial choreographies, one can perceive movement of bodies and can sense heartbeats. In his artistic and human journey, Dov Melloul dared to combine his multiple talents.  After his training and professional career in contemporary dance, most notably with the great Karine Waehner (Schola Cantorum), Reinhild Hoffmann, and Pina Bausch, he traded in his dancing attire for paintbrushes.  Art was a real return to his roots. He always places the doctrine of his teachers in his paintings: a direct intensity and authenticity of emotional gesture.  Dov Melloul, is foremost a painter and dancer united.