French artist- painter, mixed techniques, figurative style

Frédéric Jacob tracks his obsessions: the frenzy through which he recomposes textures contrasts with postures, and proud standing silhouettes. His work balances on the fine edge of purity of form and rich baroque backgrounds, lending to a decorative aspect to his work.  

Amorous of the exacerbated sensibility of materials, the artist reinvents, by his paintbrush, the visual subtleties’ of a pictorial fabric he creates on canvas or on paper. The virtuoso of his gesture liberates the minute details of his complex compositions where transparency blends with 3 dimensions, textures,  inlaying, reflections, filaments… as many variations as seen in his palette.

Jacob’s colors are never uniform, they are nuanced due to the level of layers and the effects of the paint, ink, and pastel.  The technique is mixed, to almost appear as silk or lace….

Faces so lightly rendered that they are hardly identifiable and bodies that evaporate, populate his universe.  Movements and poses are fluid, and invite a mysterious sensuality; a call to touch that begins with sight. Often without faces, his figures express themselves wholly, by there pictorial appearance.  They invite us to enter into their dance, their emotional trance. His intimate painting reveals his maker, more than words that he cannot express, it becomes his language, his vital expression.