Matter cracks under the strain of powerful emotion. Hiding behind a mask of apparent calm, substance and feeling collide like opposing winds: screaming the silence they impose, mute witnesses of suffering or vocal expressions of pain. Grégory Gaydu prepares the figures who appear in his photographs: he creates the setting, chooses the background music, sets the scene. His eye glued to the viewfinder, he waits patiently for the last moment. The magic of the instant and the mystery of the impalpable find their way onto the film. Whatever he chooses to show one thing is sure: only featureless lives produce smooth faces. Flashes of white – a glance, a smile, a fingernail - pierce through the omnipresent, omnipotent black. The eye of the viewer must get used to this blackness: it then becomes all the more incisive, discerning the beating heart and the wavering soul in these stone masks and caskets of clay. The essence of humanity has gone to ground,  burying itself without quite falling silent; now at last it springs from the frame, fully itself, brutally but entirely true.  

Grégory Gaydu (b.1987), a photographic artist with a highly intimate style, has lived and worked in Paris for 10 years. A graduate of Lycée Brassaï, he started his career in 2007 and co-founded the MAD Photographie collective. His travels and encounters fuel his creative work and formed the subject of his early exhibitions. Two years of silence followed. In 2012, he exorcised the suffering he had experienced with 'Noir Foncé – Chapitre 1', a project that brought him recognition and earned him an award at the first edition of the Su-ture Contest in 2013.