Wildlife sculptor

James Doran-Webb creates models, sculptures, miniatures, the sheer size to the most minute finishes. His childhood was spent in France, in the antique restoration workshops of his parents. At the end of his teens, he became known as a cabinetmaker. He exercises his talents on the old carved oak, walnut furniture and even on the shelves of the office of the Princess Anne. In 1989, he he fell in love with The Philipinnes. He was taken by the landscape, beaches and, especially, by people and their natural gift for color and art. In 1990, he founded his own design company and manufactures its first line of wooden objects for sale in Europe and USA: boxes, frames inlaid with shells, large paper mache animals, and also furniture finely crafted wood recovery. 

In 2001, while continuing to create his own plays, he took over the management of a company that specializes in the manufacture of objects made of organic fibers (abaca, agave, bamboo, palm tree ...) and for florists. And that in the pure respect for tradition Philippines. While looking for natural products for his company, he discovers the driftwood. This material has long been used in the U.S. and Europe to create rustic furniture but more rarely in the field of gardening.James finds a market niche where floral accessories, hearts, cheap trinkets, bowls and cups ... His initiative of gathering driftwood is supported by the governors of islands, which are also a source of funds for fishing villages. It also works with an NGO specialized in the cleaning of beaches in the Philippines, a job that never ends. 

James has a large collection of driftwood from the smallest to the largest pieces of natural sculpture. Each piece is shaped by the stroke and the force of waves and swirling seas, where singular forms. 6 years ago, he began designing his own furniture driftwood. Then he proceeds to animal sculptures. Its large reserves of wood floating allows him to find all the parts necessary for the realization of his works, to give his animals the movement and realism. He showed a great love for horses, not to mention deer, boars, rabbits ... His impressive sculptures are exhibited all over the world... in Manila, Cebu and Beijing, the United States, and the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in London.  Doran-Webb’s unique art  has been presented in France, at Galerie BE-ESPACE, now representing his works to diverse publics in Europe and abroad.