October 2013, BE-ESPACE GALLERY will be in the grip of ‘Deep Frenzy’, a new exhibition of works by Spanish artist Jorge Colomina. His vibrant paintings, with their cheerful brushwork and vivid colours, play with figurative art and assert their own unique style: a style that he has been consolidating and refining for the past forty years. Geometric lines and curves echo primitive art, with mask-like or triangular faces and poses that are never static, always in motion, swept away within a uniquely creative painterly language.

Jorge Colomina is a painter with a very strong personality. He organises his compositions with powerful gestures. Whether painting straight lines or curves, his brushstrokes are determined, sometimes even explosive. His oils, acrylics, inks and pastels scintillate with colour. He now combines them all in his work simultaneously to achieve an ever-greater range of chromatic variation, contrast, shading, and textural effects. Glaring reds rub shoulders with the palest of pinks. Greens run the whole gamut of shades, from emerald to fluorescent. In a style that is nourished by cubism, the artist asserts his optimistic vision and energy. Always spontaneous, he moves with increasing freedom: free from the fetters of classicism, he pushes back the limits of imposed figures, inventing new forms. His formal harmonies arise from a combination of sultry curves and sharp rectangles.

He adds depth to this frenzy of colour, layer upon layer, creating a powerful sense of relief and perspective. Colomina does not stop at the surface, he works on more intimate tones: those that are able to move our inner souls. Through his series of figures, which he likes to consider as facets of himself and those he observes, he holds up different mirrors in front of the viewer. He invites us to see ourselves in these characters, to project ourselves into them…or even to experience some of their fantasies via his painting.       

Influenced by the world of his masters, especially Picasso, Colomina brings his own ‘Movida’ into the mix. With his taut brushwork, he brings his painterly visions to the canvas. Womanhood remains at the heart of his inspirations and obsessions, while affinities with the Cobra movement can also be detected in his work. Complete creative freedom and a taste for experimentation combine to form bold chromatic associations, while his outlines are drawn with a single stroke and in a single breath. Some of his works, for example Rasta Boule, echo so-called ‘primitive’ art: the faces recall masks and totems – and their descendants in street art (Basquiat, for example). He is eager to preserve the child within at any price: his spontaneity remains his only guide, keeping his emotional strength intact. It comes as no surprise that he is fond of clowns and Harlequins, which crop up again and again in his paintings: when he depicts a smiling clown, his sad-faced counterpart is never far away.      

At sixty years old, Jorge Colomina is still driven by the same passion for painting. He has gained institutional recognition for his work ((the Jewish History Museum of Gerona for his Inquisition series, the Ormesson Cultural Centre, etc.), and has demonstrated the diversity of his talent in galleries and contemporary art fairs in France and elsewhere in Europe. Collectors all over the world have succumbed to the allure of this uniquely gifted artist.


Spanish painter, oil on canvas, figuratif abstract style

An explosion of colour. This autumn, Jorge Colomina presents fifteen paintings blending ink and oil to produce spontaneous shades and innovative harmonies. After having been shown by ‘Art ambassador’ Brian Elliott Rowe at Galerie Nobilis, 29 rue Bonaparte, Colomina’s latest creations travel to Galerie BE-ESPACE, rue Amelot.

Sun-drenched colours blend together, emphasizing contours, generous curves, and fleeting lines. Colomina makes his mark: that of a matchless colourist whose compositions play imaginatively with geometry while remaining loyal to his masters: Miró, Picasso… even Basquiat.

Vitality and movement. For forty years, this internationally renowned artist has been melding pigments in his inner fire. His accomplished brushstrokes reveal surfaces that are richly textured or somehow evanescent, as if thrown onto the canvas and abandoned there. But they never lose their power or their chromatic subtlety.

Colomina beats a path between the figurative and the abstract, inviting a dual interpretation of his work: the strength of his painterly idiom both appeals to our senses and sparks our emotions. The spirit of Saint-Germain-des-Prés is here in all its glory: these colourful characters, everyday scenes, and unusual encounters delight collectors from home and abroad.

A self-taught artist, Colomina began his career in Alcoy (Alicante province) where he was born in 1953. His work has been valued and sold at the famous Drouot auction house in Paris by Maître Arnaud Cornette de Saint-Cyr, and can be found in collections all over the world. In France and abroad, he takes part in many contemporary art fairs and exhibits in internationally renowned galleries. At the FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DE PERCUSSIONS DE LONGUEUIL  2010 (Montreal), he was invited to create, in situ, a fresco measuring over 2 x 3 metres, proving once more that painting is above all a living art form.