Laurent BOURO painted faces in an attempt to portray the human soul in its timeless dimension. Inspired by ethnic masks, he revisits facies according to his mixed technique. Enhanced oil acrylic , collage, scratching, scraping , grubbing ... the material effects are superimposed on the grain of the fabric , the irregularities of the wood support.

The artist attack on his forehead, he sculpts more than he draws his characters traits . Always men . It hollow cheekbones. Hems lips. Patina or scratches fronts. And stands almost statuary portraits, as if the stone complexion brightened at the option of the color keys , light beams . The terms go through a gaze without eyes, better let him speak interiority. Feelings are revealed through the color palette. More or less intense depending on the status of introspection, the envy of expansiveness . Funds , most often black , give depth and mystery.

These massive heads dense, ooze beads colorful life around the slopes of rocky cheeks . Skulls seem invaded plant , lichens cling to cavernous walls , like so many doubts come biting spirits. Between tribal rock art painting, dripping between impressions and tattooed , masks Laurent BOURO embody a virile masculinity influence of dignity , despite the scars of life.

Born in 1967 , Laurent Bouro lives and works in Tours. His career is that of an autodidact. He devotes himself entirely to painting the last ten years. He exhibits regularly in galleries and salons in France . It now collectors worldwide : Paris , Rome , New York , London, Brussels , Auckland ... His favorite themes are the faces and bodies : two axes where it unfolds its portraiture .