From 24 January to 9 February 2013, the BE-ESPACE Gallery and its founder-director Brian Elliott ROWE are showcasing the work of photographer Lydia Roberts. Fragile, mysterious and sensual, her photographs carry us into a dream world where strength and passion meet and where femininity reigns supreme.

Her talent draws inspiration from her childhood in Swindon, UK, and from the simple things she loves. As she entered adulthood, she used art to banish the anxieties and nervousness of adolescence. At the beginning it was a form of escapism and a language with which she could express private turmoil and give it meaning.

Lydia Roberts began with self-portraits, most often searching for herself in the mirror.

This introspection was the beginning of a journey during which she attempted to gain a better understanding of the limits of her own appearance and acquire more self-confidence and self-esteem. She then moved on to a new phase, applying the same approach to models. She creates a highly personal world of portraits and revisited self-portraits, developing intimate atmospheres through clever staging. Her special technique involves playing with superimposed images, collage, masks, glass screens, and smoke. Shadows and light, pictures that look almost like charcoal drawings, negatives... the viewer is often thrown off-balance.

At just 18 years old, Lydia Roberts, has that rare ability to capture the paradox of womanhood at its strongest and most fragile. Her sensuous silhouettes and nudes remind us of the work of Helmut Newton. Timeless faces hint at the work of Man Ray.

Exhibition organised with Carl Falck, founder of CFA Creative in London, whose aim is to promote emerging artists via international art events.