Caravans of colors

Nadée takes us on an artistic route of self discovery.  We discover imaginary worlds through her vision as if returning from faraway lands.  Like cave paintings open to the skies, her canvases weave a string of memory towards an infinite contemporary spirit. Natural pigments, organic materials, the surfaces seems rough and textured.  Hessian canvas, swept with a throw of sand, scenes appear under the wind.  The composition is rigorous.  The stratum form patterns, verticals, and breathe life into a rhythm punctuated by notes and colors with radiant whites.  The warm tonalities - ochre variations, browns and pinks - are struck with blue interludes, calm oasis.

Inundated with a knowing light, sprinkled with gold powder, the palette vibrates in the daylight and reveals life and death, rocks, skins.  In the abstract-figurative style of Nadée, the crowds remain anonymous.   Only the backs, napes, bare or turbaned heads start to appear.  Immobile, in front of the invisible wall of incomprehension, at least so that it wont be at a slow pace “the men who walk”, her subjects juxtapose themselves, like solitary souls, to give the soft illusion of a united humanity.  Some filled with doubt, resist the more gregarious instinct. They hesitate, then turn around: a fleeting vision of a face.  The procession of an inevitable world.

Between lyrical abstraction and poetry, the artist delivers a sensitive expression, an identity in construction with the force of far-away voyages and reoccurring introspections.  She invents her own pictorial language, allowing for a much more active contemplation that meditative. Nadée invites the viewer to share - in large format or diptychs – her imaginary routes of caravans and dedicates the intimacy of her small formats to endless discussions.