A Gallery not like others!

2003: the Gallery BE-Espace is born out of a passion - Brian Elliott Rowe's passion for art and his ambition to share it. It is therefore not a surprise that the gallery BE-Espace resembles its founder : American by origin, French by adoption, bubbling over with creativity and a true "Ambassador for the Arts".

At the end of 2014, the physical gallery 57, Amelot Street closed but Brian Elliott Rowe, continues to promote a number of artists in other spaces or art fairs, with the same enthusiasm. On this website, we share the wonderful history of our numerous exhibits, events and insight to so many talented artists.

Gallery BE-Espace was situated in the heart of Paris in the neighborhood known as the Haut Marais, very close to Place des Vosges and the Picasso Museum. Artists come from all horizons and nationalities... solo or group shows present unique talents in painting, sculpture, glass art, engraving, ceramics....  The creative direction of the gallery leans towards representing established talents or emerging artists who embody the master words : force of expression and emotion. 

All year round the gallerist organized exhibits that were meant to surprise people..."our objective is to share new worlds of artistic expression with our visitors... present artists from all origins, known or less known, but creating from the heart, with conviction and strength. I think that our approach contributes to rendering contemporary art alive and accessible: in both the spontontaneity of daily life or as a more planned-out art discovery. The idea is to let the spectator experience art directly, detached from preconceived perceptions and instead, allow for free observation, appreciation, critique..... Art should speak, create a dialogue, a connection... and allow a visitor to react." 

We have privileged relationships with our artists and represent them on a permanent basis. 

Feel free to inquire about any work that may interest you. We ship anywhere in the world

The Gallery is listed in the Bill'Art Guide; Gallery Guide Europe and member of the French Gallery Association (l'Associations des Galeries).