Galerie BE-ESPACE presents Sylvie Montagnon’s superb painted variations. On glass or canvas, the artist gives free rein to her multi-coloured imagination, offering us the keys to her worlds.

Sylvie Montagnon¹s glass dreamscapes never fail to hold the viewer in rapt fascination. Her intense brushwork, using soft hairs or rough bristles, makes landscapes and walking men emerge. The world turns, time passes, and the abstract makes way for more figurative work. The seemingly random magic of these chromatic combinations shows that she is an outstanding colourist. Sylvie Montagnon uses her palette like a magician. She allow cascades of hues to run down onto calm swathes of paint and pigment. She creates shimmering, translucent, arabesques of paint. In a flash, gold falls in love with vermilion, and blue holds green in a passionate embrace.

To provide a perfect background to these treasures in glass, Brian Elliott Rowe is also exclusively exhibiting Sylvie Montagnon¹s paintings. Seen here for the first time in a gallery, they provide a superb counterpoint to the glass pieces. The style is the same, but a new inspiration runs through the paintings. They are even more personal, and provide another glimpse into the artist¹s private world. Revealing her pain and her joy, the paintings, like the glass, speak to us of her purest expression as an artist. Sylvie Montagnon walks around on tiptoe; she is a modest presence, but her works are radiant with energy. « After the rain »* comes a time for sharing our true feelings..

Sylvie Montagnon began working as an artist in 1982 with wooden sculptures, which helped her develop a sense of precision, relief and perspective: qualities that can be found in her painting. She began painting on glass, showing her continuing fascination with three-dimensional media. She learned and innovated, gradually developing her own unique style. Today her name appears next to those of Daum and Lalique and her work, created in the mediaeval town of Crémieu, has traveled all over the world: Paris, New York, Dubai. With increasing artistic freedom, she has created unusual, rare and unique objects, such as « Archipel », a light painting over three feet tall. Her works are precious treasures for interior designers.

*  « Après la pluie », Sylvie Montagnon, painting on glass, 70 x 50 cm.