Brian Elliott Rowe and Yaida Jardines Ochoa have combined their energies around the much acclaimed Cuban painter, Tamayo.  Through the series "Musicos", the viewer is led through the colorful and virtuous footsteps of this masterful Cuban plastician and engraver. With this exhibit launched May 15th and running til June 21st 2010, the Galerie BE-Espace: 57, rue Amelot Paris 11e, changes its tune to a Latin American tempo.

In this exhibit, Tamayo delivers vivid, polymorphous music scores on canvas.  On the theme of music, his works - both strong and joyful - marry colors with ambiances, inviting one to discover a world deeply embedded in expression. Diversity in forms, lines perpetually in motion, the artist with a determined and twirling stroke imposes compositions that maintain a certain equilibrium through the tangles, and offer a dialogue between himself and his own relationship to life, existence, and his origins. 

In the series "Musicos", Tamayo inscribes more than just a theme, music rings as a source of inspiration. This music, so inborn with traditional Cuban culture, finds an immediate echo in his paintings.  He plays naturally with brush strokes with rhythm and melody, letting run free his impulsions in tribute to the great singers and musicians of Cuba. Tamayo's figurative style, almost descriptive, allows human silhouettes and instruments to appear from the latent depths of the canvas into defined contours with superimposed lines. His paintings are mysterious, where the subjects are elusively escaping towards a halo of light and poetry.  He achieves this balance by offering something imperceptible, sometimes manifest, like a window to the world - real or dream-like. These qualities attract the spectator into the paintings' aura, leaving none impartial to its power, as if the subjects themselves were universal.  It is not surprising that Tamayo's works have already traveled around the world in over 100 expositions through Europe, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Mexico, among others and figured in international and privately owned collections.

Renowned as the current master in Cuban engravings, Israel Tamayo Zamora, born in 1959, is a painter, but also a professor. His classes in engravings in various mixed mediums are extremely well known in both Cuba and throughout the world.  He graduated from the School of Visual Arts Jose Joaquin Tejada, with distinctions in "artes plasticas",  He is a member of UNEAC (Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba).  He is also the director of the Cultural Arts, "Luis Diaz Oduardo", the center of Artes Plasticas for Santiago and the Sierra Maestra region of Cuba. Tamayo has received a number of prizes and distinctions in Cuba, from the Institution of National Culture, and he is also the commemorative honoree of Jose Maria Heredia.