Living, feeling, breathing... the colors of New Orleans. Tony Green is finally being presented in Paris at Galerie BE-Espace. The warmth and energy of his vivid paintings capture the true spirit of New Orleans. Green brings to life his own personal experience from his hometown and invites you to participate in the street festivities. The spectator is drawn into the movement, listening to the jazz melodies as they play loud and strong.

Artist and musician TONY GREEN was born in Naples (Italy). He was raised in the fabled city of New Orleans where his group "TONY GREEN & Gypsy Jazz", as well as his murals which adorn the city, have made Tony a local cultural icon. Green has been a part time resident in Venice since 1982 where he has created bodies of work that have been exhibited through out both Europe and America.

« I love to paint landscapes and people by working in oils, watercolors, pencil, etchings and linoleum cuts with the goal being to capture the immediacy and truth of a given moment with light and color.

Living between the two artistic Meccas of Venice, Italy and my hometown of New Orleans, I am constantly inspired by the unique aspects of these two colorful cities which is depicted in my artwork.

My latest work involves creating paintings of the famous New Orleans "Second Line" parades (of which I have participated in many as a professional musician) that I find to be a true celebration of humanity and life itself. »