Gallery BE-Espace presents for the first time the works of Wilfredo Longa : "slice of life" paintings that reveal the creative rage of a self-taught Venezuelan artist.

To draw a portrait of Wilfredo Longa's works, you first have to paint a cage ... (1) one that imprisons his heart, muzzles his words, but liberates his brush. A maze of destinies, happiness and misery mixed in one; life smiles at him, gives him the gift of a child and then takes him back. Insidiously, leaving him to believe in the virtue of the fight against disease.

Confronting reality, fighting together, hand in hand! Then hiding behind an easel. Allowing screams of anger to become smashing colors on canvas ... In a whirlwind, forms become entangled in the desperate search for a solution other than the most fatal one. What is the meaning behind it all ? Right (vertical), dignified, rooted in Mother Earth. Lying (horizontal), overcome by suffering, but supporting this shattered world. Through collage-paintings, juxtaposing fragments of his questions, the artist offers a style that can be described as naive, or just simply, sincere.... direct.

Because when he paints, Wilfredo Longa creates a dialogue. First with himself: Be wise, O my pain, and stand more peaceful ... (2) Channeling  energy, transforming frustrations. Dare to reveal sadness too: My Pain, give me your hand, come over here ... (2) reveal the unspeakable, to testify this paternal love. Admit and defend that it is through his son, he took  brushes in hand(or gave them back) as with weapons. Share when possible ; always escape. Turn off the black, turn on colors. Open the window to another world. Go past the unspoken and  reach for the words. Express yourself ! "Por cada riza, hay diez lagrimas (3) Mi ... Toto ..."

Paint as the green foliage and the cool wind ... ... the dust of the sun (1)

Having also worked as a florist business, Longa composes his paintings as he does his bouquets. Variations in green and blue, orange or tints of dark red. A tribute to nature. The delicate balance buckling under the diversity of elements without destroying unique harmonies. The artist uses bold frank tones (solids), textures (mixed), mixes moods as fragrances and suggests feelings. His naked soul reveals his true emotions.

So, yes, without hesitation, we speak of the spontaneity of his work. It is obvious that this term, usually reserved for children, fits perfectly with the work of Wilfredo Longa. Twenty paintings, twenty chapters of a loving relationship of uninterrupted power allowing the the bars to disappear one by one ... (1) Slowly, the bird can fly away and his name - that of the painter, is signed in a corner of the painting.